Looking for volunteers for English classes

Looking for volunteers for English classes

We are looking for volunteers who can lead English conversation classes at the Japanese Christian Community Center (JCCC). English conversation classes will meet once a week (e.g., 9:45 AM – 12:00 PM on Wednesdays but we can discuss) and most students are Japanese. Native speakers of English are preferred.

Please contact us at Phone/fax: 240-314-0249 (JCCC) or saigojunichi@gmail.com, if you are interested in. We look forward to hearing from you!


ヤードセール:Intermediate Report on Donation



● これは、今回の売り上げの半分を5年前の東日本大震災の犠牲者のお一人テーラー・アンダーソンさんを記念して設立された同ファンドに寄付させて頂くものです。
● ヤードセールでの売り上げは$1767.00でした。こちらからは、その50%にあたる$883.50を寄付させて頂く予定です。
● アンダーソン氏(父上)に、その旨ご報告したところ「マッチング・ファンド」(倍額になる)のオファーがあるとのことで、結果的に$1767.00の寄付になる予定です。


● 当日、受付にて集めたもので、二つの箱がありましたが、混乱もありましたので、どちらも「熊本」への義捐金とさせていただきました。
● 合計額(その後のものも含めて)は、$1353.00でした。
● ワシントン・インターナショナル日本語教会牧師、ジャパニーズ・クリスチャン・コミュニティーセンターの責任者である西郷が、今月6月末に熊本の被災地を訪れる予定です。その折に、県庁に直接この寄付金を届ける予定です。



This is an intermediate report on the donations collected at the Yard Sale event on April 30, which was successfully held thanks to the support from neighbors and the kind assistance from all the participants.

(1) Donation to “Taylor Anderson Memorial Fund”

● As we announced, we will donate the half of the proceeds in this Yard Sale event to the Taylor Anderson Memorial Fund, which was established in memory of one of the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake five years ago.
● The proceeds amounted to $1767.00. Thus, we will donate $883.50, which is 50% of the proceeds.
● We reported Mr. Anderson (the father and the manager of the Fund) about our intention and he informed us that there is a matching fund, through which our donations will be doubled to $1767.00.

(2) Donation for Kumamoto earthquake

● While we had two donation boxes at the Yard Sale event, the distinction of the two seems to have been unclear. Therefore, we decided to donate gathered amounts from both boxes for Kumamoto earthquake.
● The total amount (including those donated afterward) is $1353.00.
● Pastor Saigo, who is in charge of Japanese Christian Community Center, will visit Kumamoto at the end of this month (June) and will deliver the donations directly.

Thank you very much for all of your contributions. We will keep you posted.

Japanese Christian Community Center
Washington International Japanese Church
Junichi Saigo

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